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The Justice and Conservation Observatory is an independent and collaborative entity that works for  legality, transparency and against corruption in the environmental area since 2016.

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Protect natural heritage by encouraging inspection and enforcement


Use supervision, communication, legal action and advocacy to ensure the efficiency of environmental agencies


Ensure respect for legality, transparency and act against corruption in the environmental area

We are an initiative  independent and collaborative, that works inspecting public authority actions

Many of the abuses committed against biodiversity and the Atlantic Forest and its associated ecosystems - among them the Araucaria Forest and the Natural Fields - do not reach the public domain with the necessary frequency and transparency. We work so that society can have access to accurate, honest and quality information on violence against Brazilian national heritage.

In the face of complaints received or problems identified, we work to understand the issues through the journalistic investigation and take the cases to entities responsible for more detailed investigations, such as the state and federal Public Ministries, for example. We also promote the dissemination of situations to the state, national and even international press, as a way to contribute to the generation of news scale and public knowledge about them.

In addition to working with the press, we encourage the dissemination of content through the social networks of the OJC, the journal Justice and Conservation and the eponymous radio program that, in times of pandemic, incorporated the format of daily lives on the Observatory's Instagram on topics related to the environment, health, citizenship, history, culture, among others.

Through popular actions, public civil actions and petitions, for example, several illegalities against Brazilian natural heritage have already been avoided. The work of advocacy or campaigns, which seek to influence the formulation of policies and the allocation of public resources in solutions that generate benefits to the protection of nature and the community, have also won victories and expressive results.

Observation, Communication, Justice and Action: Pathways to the exercise of citizenship 

We believe that, in order to transform realities in which individual interests increasingly compromise current and future generations, only well-informed and communicated information is able to clarify and mobilize the population.

What the Observatory of Justice and Conservation does is to stimulate knowledge about the rights and duties of the citizen in relation to the natural public heritage, working to comply with the legal principles of transparency and publicity of acts practiced by public agents or government agencies.

Through investigations of public data and complaints that reach the OJC, the information is organized and taken to different press channels, among them, mainstream media and independent portals of national and even international reach.

More than 500 press insertions - including reports, opinion articles or interviews, for example - have already been directly stimulated by the OJC.

OJC was nominated for the “Best NGOs of 2018” Award, from Época Magazine and won the “Ecology and Environmentalism” Award, from Curitiba City Hall, in June 2018.

Campaign last

We are against the installation of a port industrial complex in Paraná, in front of Ilha do Mel, paid for with public money and which would destroy the environment and hinder the development of the entire coastline.

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Current situation of coverage of Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Since it was created in 2016, the focus OJC's activities are primarily in the south of Brazil, where the presence of ecosystems associated with the Atlantic Forest biome and highly pressured by decades of irregular exploitation, such as the Araucaria Forest - or Mixed Rainforest (FOM) - and the Natural Fields.

Studies indicate that around 7% of the Atlantic Forest remains in well-preserved fragments over 100 hectares throughout Brazil.

Original and current coverage of Paraná Atlantic Forest. Source: SPVS

In Paraná, where the Araucaria Forest and the Natural Fields have already occupied, respectively, 40% and 13% of the entire state territory, the areas that today concentrate remaining in good condition do not exceed the 0,8% marks - in the the case of the Araucaria Forest - and 0,24% - for the Natural Fields - in relation to the original percentages.

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To save what remains of us from this beautiful nature, we need to unite with people of ethics, opinion makers and with full knowledge and respect for our Paraná. We have the same goal in common, to defend and protect our coastline! Congratulations on the projects!

Amalia Pereira
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At this critical moment, it is extremely important to inspect government officials who partly have good intentions, but which are not all, one should not neglect the use of taxpayer money.

João Carlos Hanneck
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Excellent actions in the area of ​​Justice and Conservation, with excellent quality news coverage!

Juliana Maurer
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Responsible, complete and fundamental. Space of resistance, awareness and coherence.

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Relevant and necessary project for this country infested with corruption and greed.

André Paixão
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